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 Young Influencers Inspiring the Youth

Barbara Camilas, daughter of the mega influencer and presenter Carolina Sandoval, has not even started her first year in college and she is already conquering life! She just turned 18 years old and the celebration was more than a luxurious trip. She is now entering a new adventure - becoming a businesswoman and launching a new clothing line.

The clothing line was made, as stated in her own words, for

"people full of #empathy #perseverance #brave and #dreamers … Also for #strongwomen #passionate #entrepreneurs #happy ... and of course my collection is for everyone who dares to be no matter what people say ..."

The clothing line was created in Cúcuta, Colombia and is generating jobs and opportunities for the local economy.

“Her gift was her own endeavor. Today she woke up as a businesswoman and in a few days, heading to begin her university studies in premedicine”- Sandoval recalls in an interview for “People in Espanol.”

Barbara Camila is a perfect example of how young influencers can inspire the youth in a positive way!

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