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Barbara Bermudo and Ximena Duque at the International Conference: "Yo Soy Más: Unstoppable"

The Social Rooster proudly celebrated with Barbara Bermudo and Ximena Duque, our members of the “Yo Soy Mas” event in Miami.

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we proudly celebrated with our Social Rooster stars Barbara Bermudo and Ximena Duque, at the “Yo Soy Más” event in Miami.

There, Barbara Bermudo had the opportunity to interview Ximena Duque, among others. Together they discussed women's empowerment in all walks of life, professions, and lifestyles and encouraged each other to do more and be more anywhere life takes them.

We are beyond proud to see how more than 8K worldwide attendees, virtual and in-person, joined this movement created by women for women to ignite the driving force within each woman to achieve dreams and goals that go beyond what one can imagine.

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