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Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

"Estoy orgulloso de ser Hispano por..."

Hispanic content creators, talents, companies, and agencies are coming together on the initiative of why we are proud to be Hispanic.

The Social Rooster will be championing a series of short videos with inspiring stories, recipes, and personal and professional experiences that highlight the importance of proud of our Hispanic heritage.

Many of our talent from The Social Rooster will be participating, among them Carolina Sandoval, Barbara Bermudo, Chef James, Gabriel Samra, Rodner Figueroa, Ximena Duque, Greidys Gil, Siedy La Niña, Marlene Favela, Alberto Sardiñas, Norkys Batista, Dr. Klara Senior, and more..

Our talent will also be encouraging and challenging colleagues from the industry to share a video of why they are proud to be Hispanic and we will be contacting people from media agencies as well as Hispanic talent to participate in our campaign.

For more information about this campaign and for participation please email us at

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