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Mega influencer Francisca Lachapelle becoming an inspiration for women who fight for body positivity

Third Love’s CEO, Heidi Zak, made a couple of points regarding inclusivity in a letter taken out in the New York Times:

“We believe the future is building a brand for every woman, regardless of her shape, size, age, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. This shouldn’t be seen as groundbreaking; it should be the norm… And please stop insisting that inclusivity is a trend.” Francisca Lachapelle is a mega Hispanic influencer, celebrity, and mother to be who, like Heidi, has joined the movement and stood up for those women who feel their body is not perfect.

“There is the “perfect” pregnant label, which I am far from being. I am a normal pregnant woman… I am far from being that perfect pregnant woman” Francisca recalled on an interview for HOLA.

In fact, Francisca has been an inspiration to many women who are struggling with body stereotypes by being frank and showing not

only the good things, but also the struggles of being pregnant. On her journey to becoming a mother, she has been collaborating mostly with body positive and inclusive sustainable fashion brands and products that empower the beauty of all types of women.

As a result, brands are garnering lots of positive earned media attention and loyal fans by embracing the movement.

We are beyond proud of how Francisca is taking a stand and sending a positive message to her 3M followers!

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