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Influencer Marketing

The Social Rooster’s talent ranges from TV hosts, social media personalities and 

Latinx celebrities. 


We help brands reach and engage with the Spanish-speaking US audience to promote their products, increase brand awareness and boost sales. 


  • Development of Brand Partnerships 

  • Celebrity Endorsement 

  • Promoted Content Creation 

  • Brand Association 

Digital social media
Young Businessman

Talent Representation

We guide our talents growth in the digital space, while helping them create compelling content and boost their engagement. 


  • Facebook and Instagram Monetization

  • TikTok and Youtube Administration 

  • Creative Content Creation

  • Brand Partnerships 

  • TV and Internet Contracts 

Consulting and Marketing Strategy

We offer tailored packages and consulting to brands, studios and talent who want to increase their presence in the digital world, monetise their social media or develop specific digital products. 


  • Social Media Content Creation 

  • Launch of Digital Products

  • Personalised Courses 

  • Brand Partnerships Assessment

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